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Las Lilas Coffee's farmers in El Salvador and roasters in Inglewood bring you the best tasting coffee at the best price, while ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards at every stage of the supply chain.

Shop and Do Good
Social Enterprises are nonprofit organizations that cover some or all of their operating costs through income from sales.  We seek out products made by groups working to give disadvantaged people chances to improve their lives.  Join us in helping make our world a better place by purchasing these beautiful products and supporting these organizations.

The clients served at Downtown Women's Center are women experiencing homelessness.  They receive medical and mental healtcare as well as an array of social services, including MADE, where they are employed to produce these beautiful gift items as a way of developing soft professional skills and working toward social rehabilitation, one of the primary components to most solutions to homelessness.


Would Works
Hand crafted wood products made by people experiencing homelessness and/or poverty, working toward personal goals. One of the early participants shared they would work if they could.



These unique, durable bags are made from upcycled vinyl billboards.  Photos are examples and won't match the actual bag patterns. Email us at to see the bags we have.